I paint because I must! Drawing, sketching, painting and the need to do so are as much a part of my genetic makeup as the color of my eyes and hair. Since childhood I have experienced the necessity of engaging in some sort of creative process, much like an “itch” which must be addressed, but a lot more enjoyable! Botanical illustration, however, is a new medium to me, as is watercolor; I am grateful to have been introduced to both, albeit late in life. An artist friend, Fifi Burton, encouraged me to try watercolor which I had eschewed for its unforgiving element and fear of failure. Once assured that I could handle it, I “played” with it for a couple of years until my oh-so-perceptive husband, Bob, saw an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators and, recognizing my current artistic leanings, gave me lessons in botanical illustration for my birthday. He read that Joan Frain offered private lessons and suggested I call her. The rest, as ‘they’ say, “is history.” Joan is not only an accomplished and talented artist but she is also an excellent teacher and I took to botanical illustration with a vengeance. I look forward to each day as an opportunity to ply my craft. I am truly a happy and fulfilled artist and botanical illustrator! I hope you will enjoy seeing my work.